Cycling the Via de la Plata

Ride the famous Camino route Via de la Plata with an high quality Electric MTB.

¡Elecmove provides you all what you need to cycle the Via de la Plata with an e-bike. Ride on the mythic old roman route from Seville to Santiago !

Following the Via de la Plata in E-bike is a fantastic way to discover one of the oldest route of Spain. Built in order to connect Northern and Southern Spain and transport the precious metal, la”Plata” (Silver), the road has been designed by the romans in the 2nd Century AC. Bound to the Sanabrés Way of Saint James in the North, The Ruta de la Plata is known nowdays as The southern Way of Saint James.

Less frequented than de French Way of Saint James, this way is nevertheless equally worthwile! Riding on your high quality montain bike you will travel through superb and natural landscapes  from the mediterranean hills covered with olive trees to green and steep galician mountains. Travelling from small country villages to welcoming and charming city as Caceres, Merida or Salamanca, you will get into the authentic spanish culture and gastronomy all along your unbelievable trip.

Located at few tens of meters from the begining of the Via de la Plata in Seville, we look forward to provide you all the material and services you need to achieve your beautiful aventure project: Travelling along the Via de la Plata by bike.

What do we provide?

  • Electric Mountain Bike Rental (equipped with Lock, Tool Kit, Lights, Rack  and Bottle holder)
  • Additional Material ( for rent, in option): saddle bag, handlebar bag, helmet, gel case, bike pedal strap.
  • Travel Documents: GPS with itinary (for rent, in option), Pilgrim Credential (for sale), Via de la Plata Map-Book Guide (for sale)
  • Bike Delivery Service (in option): we have partners all along the way.
  • Luggage transport Service (in option): from Seville to your destination

Via de la Plata by e-bike: the Itinerary

To give you an idea about how many days of rental you would need, we designed an itinary to ride with an average pace the Via de la Plata in Electric Bike in 14 stages.

Week 1

Sevilla – Almaden de la Plata

  • Distance

    69 km

  • Dificulty
    • uphill : 810 m
    • downhill: 370 m
  • Landmarks

    Conjunto Arqueológico de Itálica, Monasterio de San Isidoro del Campo

Almaden de la Plata – Zafra

  • Distance

    83 km

  • Dificulty
    • uphill: 840 m
    • downhill: 790 m
  • Landmarks

    Palacio de los Duques de la Feria (Parador de Zafra), Museo de Santa Clara (Zafra)

Zafra – Merida

  • Distance

    62 km

  • Dificulty
    • uphill: 210 m
    • Downhill: 530 m
  • Landmarks

    Acueducto de los Milagros, Anfiteatro, Alcazaba Árabe, Templo de Diana, Casa del Mitreo, Circo romano (Todos en Merida)

Merida – Cáceres

  • Distance

    72 km

  • Dificulty
    • uphill: 560 m
    • downhill: 360 m
  • Landmarks

    Ciudad Vieja de Cáceres

Cáceres – Galisteos

  • Distance

    74 km

  • Dificulty
    • uphill: 690 m
    • downhill: 860 m
  • Landmarks

    Conjunto Histórico de Galisteo

Galisteos – La Calzada de Bejar

  • Distance

    74 km

  • Dificulty
    • uphill: 890 m
    • downhill: 380 m
  • Landmarks

    La Ciudad romana de Cáparra, Centro de Interpretación de la Vía de la Plata (Baños de Montemayor), Calzada romana

La Calzada de Bejar – Salamanca

  • Distance

    71 km

  • Dificulty
    • uphill: 710 m
    • downhill: 680 m
  • Landmarks

    Salamanca : Plaza Mayor, Catedral Vieja, Catedral Nueva, Convento de San Esteban, Casa de las Conchas 

Week 2

Salamanca – Zamora

  • Distance

    71 km

  • Dificulty
    • uphill: 350 m
    • downhill: 500 m
  • Landmarks

    Zamora : Puente de Piedra, Catedral de Zamora, Castillo, Plaza Mayor

Zamora – Tabara

  • Distance

    69 km

  • Dificulty
    • uphill: 420 m
    • downhill: 330 m
  • Landmarks

    Monasterio de la Moreruela

Tabara – Puebla de Sanabria

  • Distance

    86 km

  • Dificulty
    • uphill: 830 m
    • downhill: 640 m
  • Landmarks

    Parque Natural del Lago de Puebla de Sanabria, Conjunto Histórico de Puebla de Sanabria, Castillo de los Condes de Benavente 

Puebla de Sanabria – A Gudiña

  • Distance

    59 km

  • Dificulty
    • uphill: 1010 m
    • downhill: 970 m
  • Landmarks

    Cortello dos lobos (Lubián)

A Gudiña – Xunqueira de Ambía

  • Distance

    69 km

  • Dificulty
    • uphill: 1060 m
    • downhill: 1500 m
  • Landmarks

    Xunqueira de Ambia 

Xunqueira de Ambia – Lalin

  • Distance

    80 km

  • Dificulty
    • uphill: 1560 m
    • downhill: 1480 m
  • Landmarks

    Oudense : Santuario de los Milagros, Santuario de las Ermitas, Catedral de San Martiño, Termas de As Burgas

    Cea : Monasterio de Oseira

Lalin – Santiago de Compostela

  • Distance

    60 km

  • Dificulty
    • uphill: 960 m
    • downhill: 1260 m
  • Landmarks

    Puente de Guntián, Cascada del rio Toja

Rent an e-bike to ride the Via de la Pata

Check our rental prices and have an idea how much would it cost you regarding your duration trip.

  • Duration
  • 2 days
  • 3 days
  • 4 days
  • 5 days
  • 6 days
  • 7 days
  • Additional day (until 15)
  • Price
  • 120€
  • 170€
  • 220€
  • 260€
  • 300€
  • 340€
  • 25€ per day


In our Shop, located at few meters from the begining of the Via de la Plata. Our welcoming staff will attend you as best as posible giving you all the infomations needed about the bike and all the material provided but also about the itinerary, weather or local tips good to know.


Everyone cannot necesary do all the route from Seville to Santiago, that’s why we offer you the posibility to deliver the bike in many cities along the route like Merida, Caceres, Salamanca and for sure Santiago. Regarding where you want to stop, we give you a partner’s adress where you just need to deliver all the material you rent us. Our partner will manage then the packing the sending of it.

This service is not included in the price cause we do not charge the same anount regarding where you want to stop. Contact us to get further information.

What’s included in the price ?

  • Bike Rental: equipped E-MTB and its battery charger
  • Tool Kit (bike pump, multitool, additional inner tube…)
  • Lock
  • Lights

In option

  • Packaging and sending back of the bike and material. Consult us for price information.
  • Luggage transport (from Seville to your destination). Consult us for price information.
  • Helmet: 1€ per day
  • Pair saddle bag (2x24L): 4€ per day
  • Handlebar bag (w/map holder): 3€ per day
  • Phone Holder: 1€ per day
  • GPS (Garmin): 4€ per day
  • Via de la Plata Guide-Roadbook : 20 € (for sale)
  • Gel saddle cover: 1€ per day
  • Suspension seatpost: 1€ per day
  • Credential for the Camino: 10€

Bike and Material

In Elecmove we only work with high quality bikes from the best brand of the sector. Your electric bike is from our most recent colections and bears a 400Wh baterry as minimum.

Pair of saddlebag: Thule Shield 2x24L waterproof

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